FAIR Plan Cost Sharing Alliance Mission Statement

The shared services mission of the FAIR Plan Cost Sharing Alliance is to provide high quality services for FAIR Plans at the lowest possible cost.  Removing duplications in costs associated with various components of FAIR Plan insurance operations.

Acting as a service provider for various FAIR Plans, we will strive to reduce operating expenses by combining services for Plans where size and activity level may require the improved efficiencies achieved by centralized operations.  We will deliver cost-effective quality services of optimum value to each Plan, while ensuring that the costs of the consolidated services and operations are as low as possible.  We will continue to streamline and monitor the consolidated services we provide to FAIR Plans.

We will continuously evaluate our services to ensure we meet the needs of our insureds and the standards of our individual boards, member companies and Departments of Insurance. We understand that each FAIR Plan is ultimately responsible for their own operations and as a result will provide the appropriate oversight and guidance to all centralized operations.